Saltwater Fishing Clothing

For the shore fisher what to wear will be decided by the weather. If the sun is out and there’s a warm breeze you can just pop on a t-shirt, shorts and training shoes.

 However if its cold and you choose to fish from a beach or rock marks, its important to wear the right clothing and protect yourself from the harsh elements and keep both warm and dry. A mock worn over a wolly jumper will keep you very warm on an Autumn evening, but at night its advised to wear waterproof suits with a hood. If fishing from rocks or rough ground, investing in a flotation suit, like those worn in boat angling, is a better option. The sea is unpredictable so its always better to be safe than sorry.


Footwear for beach and rock angling needs to be waterproof and comfortable. Waders are okay for short beach sessions and a good pair of walking boots will do fine for rock hopping. Neoprene waders and chest waders are becoming the most popular for beach and rock anglers, as they’re light, waterproof and will keep you dry and warm. Headwear like some neoprene hats and a pair of wooly gloves will definitely keep you warm during the winter months and stop heat escaping your body.


Flotation Suits

Every licensed charter boat must carry a number of life jackets and life rafts depending on the number of passengers. Although most boat anglers protect themselves by wearing a flotation suit. Not only do flotation suits keep you dry they will also keep you warm in the winter. Each suit has enough buoyancy to keep even the heaviest of anglers afloat, in the event of an emergency. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are mostly red or yellow in colour. Some even have reflective material stitched on the front to help passengers get located by rescue services at night. Most if not all also have whistles allocated on the front chest pocket, should you need to draw attention to yourself during an emergency.

You can buy a decent flotation suit for pretty cheap these days and it is a great investment for your boat angling adventures to guarantee your safety. Flotation suits usually come in one piece or two piece suits, which come as a jacket and separate salopette trousers. Development of these suits has increased a lot over the years and most flotation suits will do there primary job flawlessly but with the added benefit of increased mobility and lighter weight.

Other very important clothing for anglers include finger-less gloves, woolly hats, thermal underwear, thick socks and waterproof boots, all of which help you keep warm when the clod weather threatens. Being stuck out at sea in the freezing cold is not a pleasant experience so these clothes are a must and you should pick out the right attire prior to setting off, if you want to get the most out of boat fishing and enjoy your day.

Summer Weather

In Summer its important to protect your self from the rays of the sun so you should wear some sort of hat usually a besball cap, and a decent pair of polarized sunglasses. Try to get some UV protection cream for areas of your skin exposed to the sun – when out at sea you can catch double the amount of sunshine due to the reflection off the surface of the water, the wind is also a concern and can dry your skin so stay well protected..

Remember stay well protected and have fun!